Profesia has developed a plug-in for Enterprise Architect (the leader UML editor by Sparx Systems) in order to provide support for the OMG Business Motivation Model (BMM) standard. The plug-in is a MDG technology extension to Enterprise Architect that contains an UML2 profile for the OMG Business Motivation Model (BMM).

Key features:

  • the MDG technology contains all the metaclasses defined in the BMM specification (including the ones “borrowed” from other standard metamodels) and the relationships between them;
  • the relationships between entities can only be drawn using quick links: as a result, relationships that do not exist in the metamodel cannot be drawn;
  • metaclasses are grouped by topic (Ends, Means, Influencers…);
  • the MDG technology includes a template which illustrates one of the practical examples contained in the BMM specification. The same template also contains a scheme of the BMM metamodel, to make it easier to develop new models.

We are glad to release this plug-in as free of charge with GPL 2 license (instructions on how to install MDG technologies are contained in this page; please read the README file contained in the archive for additional details). For the time being, we do not provide support but questions and issues can be sent to our support address: just enjoy it!

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