#1 API Security Platform To Secure Your APIs


42Crunch is an API security platform for developers that combines shift-left protection at the design and build stage with shield-right runtime protection for a consistent DevSecOps experience.

42Crunch is the only platform that protects your APIs from design through runtime



  • API SECURITY SCORINGAPI Audit provides instant security scoring for prioritization and remediation advice at design time to help developers define the best possible API contract.
  • INSTANT VULNERABILITY REMEDIATIONAPI Scan continuously scans for API contract vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at both test and runtime.
  • RUNTIME POLICY ENFORCEMENTAPI Protect provides runtime API security policy enforcement with a containerized micro-API firewall.



Application Security team with the goal of securing APIs and protecting the entire digital business in the DevSecOps perspective and with a shift-left and shield-right approach.

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