If you are thinking of starting a DevOps, DevSecOps or MLOps journey, do it with us!

DevOps approach reduces the time-to-market of applications, DevSecOps enables the creation of natively secure applications, MLOps (Machine Learning Ops) enables the development and maintenance of efficient and reliable machine learning models in production


The Open Source world offers over 60 tools to support it, but choosing the right one is not trivial. Profesia's experience with so many active DevSecOps projects in different markets gives us the ability to offer the most suitable solution. The proposed commercial tools are backed by leading analysts and the result of constant analysis and research conducted on a global scale.  

Our DevSecOps Manifesto is the result of more than 10 years of experience alongside Software Development teams to whom we have provided solutions and on-the-job training for Continuous Integration and Delivery and collaboration solutions to work effectively with geographically distributed IT teams.

Security is a must, guaranteed in shift-left mode.

Why choose Profesia

  • SCALABLEBecause we are highly specialized and offer a landscape of scalable and sustainable methodologies and solutions.
  • CLOUD NATIVEBecause we provide solutions to problems.
  • FAST AND EFFICIENTBecause we are smart, nerdy, funny.



Profesia has a big expertise and experience, establishing a win win approach for sharing goals.

Basic Services:

  • Assessment, Proof Of Concept, Application Health Check
  • Installation & Configuration
  • QuickStart (Training-on-the-job)
  • First Level Support (SLA)


Specialistic Services:

  • Assessment of development processes
  • Residual Risk Analysis
  • DevOps maturity


Reference technologies:

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