Our company is made up of a team with high expertise in different areas of the IT business

History: Profesia was founded in 2012 with the mission of supporting Companies in the implementation of Agile integration and Apification projects, enabling alignment between their IT infrastructure and the needs of the digital market.

Time, perseverance and passion have proven us we are right: the adoption of agile methodologies is now the basis for success of long-lasting and consolidated partnerships in cross and global markets. 

Profesia also operates in Software & Systems Engineering, providing vertical solutions to distributed IT Departments, promoting process improvement and tool integration projects to support infrastructure and process technology evolution initiatives. 

Topics range from Requirements and Traceability to Configuration and Variant Management, Risk Management, Safety, Testing, Compliance, System Modeling, Software Engineering, as well as DevSecOps and Digital Adoption.

In 2019 Profesia became part of Lynx Group, in 2021 FSI - Fondo Strategico Italiano invested in Lynx Group to make it a reference player in the digital sector in Italy. 

In 2023 Profesia acquires Emerasoft, inheriting technologies and enriching the portfolio with a complete offering capable of giving concrete answers to IT teams: Digital Onboarding - Configuration Management - Enterprise Architecture - Model versioning - DevSecOps - Software Supply Chain Management - Software and Systems Engineering - IT modernization - CIAM - Agile Integration - APIfication - Open Source Security.

Today Profesia is the Innovation Hub of Lynx Group, able to help large Customers and tackling large projects. At Profesia we are always in turmoil, ready to ride the wave of change but firm in the idea that innovation cannot be improvised.


We are committed to offer methodologies and tools that can govern the changing paradigms of digital business at a sustainable cost and investment.

Our mission is a continuous searching for the best solution for the customer, ensuring excellence in the quality of services and products. Our promise is to do our work with perseverance and passion.


At Profesia we are always in turmoil, ready to ride the wave of change but convinced that innovation cannot be improvised


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