Digital Adoption as an Innovation Accelerator and Onboarding Tool

In the era of Digital Transformation, the release of new tools but also functions, versions, promo is much faster than in the past and the time the user can dedicate to learning is drastically reduced.
Guiding users to navigate web applications becomes a strong accelerator of innovation because it democratizes the use of digital services.

Digital Adoption is the ability to empower the user, both consumer and operator, to make the most of a web technology immediately after it becomes available.

Accelerating Digital Adoption for a company translates into:

  • more satisfied and loyal customers
  • more efficient and motivated staff
  • reduced training time and costs

Profesia is a leading national provider of quick & smart solutions to support Digital Adoption. Find out how to quickly and easily accelerate the adoption of web technologies

Services: Profesia provides its customers with expertise and experience, establishing a goal-sharing approach

DAPs also offer analytics that guide IT decisions by enhancing the experience and improving ROI.


Reference technologies:

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