Our approach

Utilizziamo un metodo di lavoro collaudato, frutto di anni di esperienza diretta sui progetti e una chiara vision strategica.


We are involved in international working tables and involved in research activities aimed at understanding which technological and market trends to ride. We pay attention to evolutions in service architecture and secure data and service exposure.

Certifications & Mentoring

We have the highest number of certifications on WSO2 technology in Italy. Thanks to our cross-market skills and our many active projects, we are able to offer the highest level of pre- and post-sales support.

Assessment - Projects - AMS

We take a snapshot of the AS-IS of the Customer's software architecture, identifying possible efficiencies in application integration and improvements in terms of exposing digital services and microservices. The analysis involves various aspects: processes, methodologies, application integrations, process support tools, information flow analysis. In the final phase, we elaborate different improvement scenarios concerning processes, methodologies and supporting tools. We develop the project together with the customer, whom we support from analysis to development. We support the customer in the maintenance and evolution of the solution with AMS (Application Maintenance Service) and specialist consulting.

Training & Digital Adoption

We started talking about Apification in 2012. We are committed to spreading and popularising a precise idea of a 'smart digital experience' that is easy to create and deploy, in line with the expectations of the modern digital user, thanks to an API-first and cloud-native approach. We provide specialised courses on all the technologies we resell. We represent the Innovative Hub of the Lynx Group, in constant ferment but firm in the idea that innovation cannot be improvised.


#wearelynx:  We do our work with perseverance and passion, in 3 words we are smart, funny, nerdy.


“We are committed to researching ideal methodologies and technologies to meet customer needs in line with their business goals and vision. Thanks to a holistic and pragmatic approach we find timely solutions that are easy to implement, sharing strategies and objectives with the customer”


Training & Mentoring

Our training courses are taught by certified professionals who work on projects every day. Years of experience in the field add value to the practicality of the methods and concepts taught. Theory is always accompanied by practice.

  • Linguaggi


  • Modellazione e Tecniche di analisi e design

    Modelling, Analysis and Design Techniques

  • ALM e DevOps

    ALM e DevOps

  • WSO2 Open Source Platform

    WSO2 Open Source Platform

  • Configuration Management

    Configuration Management

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprise Architecture

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