DevOps for the DataBase

DB Maestro

DBmaestro's DevOps platform harmoniously integrates and supports all major databases without requiring expert teams to manage it. The platform paves the way for CI/CD implementation for the DB. DBmaestro combines several key features: release automation, database version control, governance and security, and monitoring and reporting tools.
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  • RELEASE AUTOMATIONPublish releases quickly, prevent errors, and reduce application downtime caused by database-related errors, all while maintaining stability, scalability, and security.
  • VERSION CONTROLStrengthen organizational policy, manage roles and permissions while complying with regulations and maintaining traceability of all activities.
  • SECURITY & GOVERNANCEAnalyze database activity information into quantifiable metrics to obtain detailed information, identify problems, and ensure that improvements over time are achievable.



Medium to large company that needs to harmonize the use of different databases by managing security policies, granularity in permissions and masking sensitive data in view of GDPR. Company that also manages releases on DBs in view of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.


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