Devops Platform - integrated solution for the entire software development lifecycle


GitLab is THE complete DevOps platform: from project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring and security.

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GitLab is an open source project with more than 2000 contributors managed by GitLab Inc. You can install and manage GitLab Core yourself under the MIT license, or use the commercial GitLab software based on the open source edition but enhanced with additional features. This is what we call "open core."


  • MORE EFFICIENT AND...HAPPY DEVELOPERS.Give developers a fully automated user interface and process for creating, testing and implementing projects.
  • CREATE VALUE FASTERReduce feedback loops with out-of-the-box automation and the analysis cycle.
  • SCALE WITHOUT LIMITSScale to support hundreds of thousands of users, millions of projects, terabytes of data, and geographically dispersed teams.


Profesia is a certified Gitlab reseller in Italy.


Development team with the need to centralize the Source Version Control process and embed it in a DEVSECOPS ecosystem.


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