Comprehensive requirements management and scalable design: IBM ELM (Engineering Lifecycle Management) is the leading platform for the development of complex software and systems.


IBM ELM extends the capabilities of standard ALM tools, providing an integrated end-to-end solution that offers full transparency and traceability on all design data. From requirements to test execution and implementation, ELM streamlines collaboration and communications among all stakeholders, improving decision making, productivity and overall product quality through compliance with leading market standards.

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IBM ELM at its Core

ELM: Stages of Testing



  • COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENTTransparency and traceability throughout the development team to effectively manage changes and ensure that the product meets all requirements and is fully tested
  • OFF LIMITSConfigurable process automation within teams, roles, and disciplines with agile and collaboration tools that support the specific needs of your distributed team
  • CONFORMITYIntegration of compliance and regulatory standards into development processes to enable audit readiness, tracking, verification and reporting



Medium or large organizations operating in regulated markets (Defense and Aerospace, Mechatronics, Automotive, Healthcare) that manage strategic projects and need to track requirements, tasks, tests, roles on geo distributed projects.

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