CloudBees CI is your solution for Jenkins in the enterprise: learn how to utilize continuous integration, and automation pipelines for scalable solutions.


Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise provides enterprise capabilities to Jenkins, enriching it in terms of scalability and security, with a view to Continuous Integration and Delivery.

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  • SECURITY AND COMPLIANCEA sophisticated authorization system reduces the risks associated with releases by ensuring that credentials and resources are not misused. Creates compliance without losing agility.
  • LIMITLESS FLEXIBILITYRegardless of the type of application you are deploying-Java, mainframe, NET CloudBees is the one CI / CD solution for all your application environments.
  • SCALABILITY ACROSS TEAMS AND INFRASTRUCTUREIt fosters collaboration among teams and provides centralized Continuous Delivery as a Service for the entire organization, reducing administrative burden.



 IT department that uses Jenkins Open Source but needs to release software quickly and continuously and whose basic features are not sufficiently robust and scalable, in terms of collaboration, flexibility and compliance.


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