Fresh model Model versioning tool (Diff & Merge).


Managing different versions of the same model. LemonTree is the Plug & Play model versioning tool (Diff & Merge) that revolutionizes the work of a distributed modeling team and supports compliance with required standards such as ISO 26262




  • EMBEDDED ENGINEEREmbedded Engineer combines automated source code generation with model-level debugging.
  • LEMONTREE.CONNECTLemonTree.Connect allows users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, and links and references between ALM Tools and Enterprise Architect. This makes it even easier to navigate back and forth between two platforms while the development data is automatically synchronized.
  • MODELING ASSISTANTSThe Modeling Assistants facilitate users’ daily work with Enterprise Architect (EA). This not only saves time for certain tasks, but also increases the acceptance of the modeling tool.



Development Team geographically distributed that manage software and systems modeling in compliance with regulatory compliance.


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