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Sonatype is a world leader in application security - the only vendor with the highest possible score in 16 criteria in the Forrester Wave™ for SCA. Nexus Platform by Sonatype constantly monitors and controls applications by assessing security and legal risk.

Sonatype identifies third-party components that make up about 90/99% of the application package and thus 90/99% of the source of vulnerabilities. Sonatype defends you against cyber attacks by identifying application vulnerabilities and suggesting corrective actions.
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  • Block malicious open source at the doorProtect yourself from malware attacks. Sonatype Repository Firewall is the only solution that prevents known and unknown open source risk from entering your software supply chain. Thanks to Repository Firewall.
  • Build fast with centralized componentsMonitor and manage all of your components and binaries in a central source of truth. Sonatype Nexus Repository accelerates repeatable builds for faster speed-to-market and enterprise-ready flexibility. Thanks to Nexus Repository.
  • Control open source risk across your SDLCFrom development to production and everything in between, Sonatype Lifecycle monitors the health and policy compliance of your open source components. Produce your software bill of materials and remediate vulnerabilities quickly with full visibility. Thanks to Lifecycle.

The Forrester Wave™ Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023. Sonatype, a leader in SCA.
The expansion of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is evolving to include the entire technology organization. Forrester has named Sonatype a leader among the top vendors in SCA. Receiving the highest possible scores in 16 criteria, including vulnerability identification, software supply chain security, and policy management, read why we believe Sonatype is the best SCA choice for your organization. Get the report


Any Development Team that develop applications using Open Source components (Java, PyPi, RubyGems) from maven-central. Any Software Development Team that wants to be GDPR compliant, release secure Software and undergo Security and Regulatory Compliance Audits. Target Role: CISO, IT Manager.

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