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vFunction is the Cloud Native application modernization platform that intelligently transforms monolithic and complex Java applications into microservices, achieving speed and all the benefits of the cloud. It is a proven and purpose-built method for cloud native that is based on the following steps: Learning, Analysis and Evaluation, Remodeling, Scalability, Optimization.
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81% of enterprise application workloads are not cloud native. There are 21 billion (!!) Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) in the world, predominantly monolithic. These are mission critical applications that organizations rely on to run their business. Modernization that truly produces substantial ROI turns those monolithic apps into microservices. vFunction is the first cloud-native modernization platform that uses dynamic analytics, static analysis, data science and automation.



  • SCALABLEModernize more apps faster with a repeatable self-service model: input monoliths, output microservices.
  • CLOUD NATIVEDesigned for extracting and deploying microservices on Kubernetes or any native cloud platform.
  • FAST AND EFFICIENTRefactoring 10x -15x faster. Save 300,000 to 500,000/app. Dramatically reduce legacy app backlog by moving decisively to native cloud.


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Any organization that manages and maintains Legacy applications with refactoring difficulties and is deciding to disengage from Vendor Lockin and move to a native Cloud architecture. Guaranteed ROI.


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