The #1 open source platform to easily create and manage APIs and their lifecycle


The open source WSO2 API Manager is a complete Enterprise API management solution that combines easy API access, with comprehensive API governance and related analytics.

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  • Easy integration and API managementAdopt an API-first approach without months of refactoring and developer effort. Seamlessly integrate existing services and manage them as APIs from one location with flexible deployment options.
  • Track API changesMaintain a complete history of changes to your APIs for audits and provide a superior customer experience. Easily roll back to stable versions as needed.
  • Leverage event-driven patternsEnable streaming integration and expose as managed API endpoints to take advantage of responsive architectures. Deliver real-time streaming data as APIs.



Any organization that wants to evolve into a Digital Business with a service-based architecture, fully integrating People Processes and Tools, through a native Architecture / Methodology / Platform / Language for Integration in the Cloud and On Premise.

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