Leading technology for the development of native cloud applications and digital identity and access management.


Profesia is the first Partner to have introduced WSO2 technology in Italy and today has the highest number of certified experts. 

WSO2's suite of open source products gives companies the agility and flexibility to create great digital experiences quickly, easily and securely. WSO2 ensures maximum integration between applications and maximum pliability to quickly adapt to the marketplace. 

The application development and IAM solutions provided by WSO2 are available open source or in SaaS, cutting most of the complexity and allowing developers to focus only on business requirements.

WSO2 is a cloud-native technology, with active support at all times (24x7)


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Watch the video series WSO2 ITALIA SMART TALK 2023 our quick and smart way of telling you stories, technology news, and even variations on the theme, to best accompany you in the post-digitization era.




  • AGILE BUSINESS AGILE & SCALABILITYThe WSO2 platform enables organizations to quickly seize new opportunities as they arise. Its modules are pre-integrated, so companies can focus on their value-added services and be more competitive in the market.
  • SMART & INTEGRATIONEach WSO2 product supports microservices architecture models and provides total deployment flexibility. Thus giving companies the flexibility to deploy applications and services locally, on private or public clouds, or in hybrid environments.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE AND SECURITYWSO2 offers a variety of services to improve performance and/or break down shortcomings in innovation processes.



Any organization that wants to evolve into a Digital Business with a service-based architecture, fully integrating People Processes and Tools, through a native Architecture / Methodology / Platform / Language for Integration in the Cloud and On Premise. 

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