Automated, risk-free and efficient database creation for development and test environments using AI


gigantics is a software that connects to sensitive data source, desensitizes it and integrates into clients' pipeline to produce data testing and developing applications.

How gigantics works:

1. Classify data - We identify your sensitive data and classify your data source entities.
2. Transform data - Create a transformation rule and automatically your data will be anonymize with realistic data.
3. Load new dataset Load the new dataset into a database. Or use our API URL to integrate it into your pipeline CI/CD.


  • API-DRIVEN DATA PROVISIONING FOR TESTING WITH SENSITIVE DATAIngest data or a schema from a database dump or a flat file into Gigantics using our smart REST API and plain cURL. No database to ingest? No problem! Gigantics can ingest your codebase or favorite ORM schema files and generate brand-new synthetic data that will provide your app with an instant development database.
  • MULTIPLE DATA SOURCEIntegrated with the main DB: MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgresQL, MariaDB, CSV, JSON...
  • ENHANCE DATA GOVERNANCE WHILE PROMOTING TRANSPARENCYGDPR compliant and simple and secure data sharing. Create reproducible dataops pipelines for your modeling data analysis, masking and synthesis that can quickly fit into your DevOps toolchain.


Profesia is the Italian partner 


Dev Team that needs to have a test environment with production-like data


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